Beestenbuurt Project by Anastasia Eggers and Ottonie von Roeder

Beestenbuurt is a city where animals and humans cohabit unitedly. Animals, liberated from the farm, are roaming freely in the city. They propose transformative business models that enable decentralised fabrication, fusing agricultural innovations, and using their own bodies as a power source. They are not only seen as providers but as equal business partners. The city is transformed into a supermarket where the consumer is reconnected to the producer, confronting them with issues like animal welfare and ethics of animal production. In Beestenbuurt, the sheep are able to knit scarfs using wool from their own bodies and support of a robotic knitting machinery. The goats use their body movement to power a cheese manufactory using the milk of the mother and the rennet coming from the kid’s stomach. The insects of Beestenbuurt choose their place of death according to their customers‘ needs while the fish get a massage in order to harvest and sell their caviar in the neighborhood. Beestenbuurt is a critical project that reflects on the current state of the processes and conditions of industries involving animals and the relationship between humans and farm animals.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021