2016, object

Drink sap from the birch tree

Growing up in mega-metropole cities, we often do not have access to traditions connected to nature. The more constructed and urbanised our living spaces become, the bigger is the gap that they create to nature. It is about convenience, efficiency, and saving time. We are looking at nature as consumers. The celebration of natural events and harvest now take place in the supermarket. If we live in the city, the food production is invisible for us – it even goes that far that we don’t want to see it. Sometimes we want to know where the food comes from – but mostly we are satisfied with a label that indicated the origin, and we don’t ask ourselves if we can believe that information.
“Drink Sap From the Birch Tree” allows urbanites to experience a knowledge that is slowly slipping away and that cannot be easily passed through dry information. It is a study about appreciation of a birch tree in the context of modern lifestyle, that creates intimate experiences with nature that surrounds us.

2016, Design Academy Eindhoven

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