2016, event/identity

Cabbageland Westfriesland

Cabbageland is a new identity that defines West Friesland. The aim of it is to reconnect the tradition of growing and fermenting cabbage that is rooted deeply in the culture of the region with the modern industry, that covers 90% of the cabbage production in the Netherlands. After the industry started growing, it became very de-personalised and invisible in the region – this is a fact that we are targeting and that we want to be changed.
Cabbageland tour takes place one day per year. This celebration invites the visitor to experience the process of cabbage production and different methods of preparation, reconnecting the space to the history. The cabbage route will connect several places in the Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen and the region, each of them telling a story about a certain aspect of cabbage – both historical and contemporary.

The project started as a collaboration with the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen with an aim to reconnect the city and the region with the museum.

Project by Anastasia Eggers and Aleksandra Jakuc

2016, Design Academy Eindhoven

06 – 10/2017 Growing Food, Yksi Expo, Eindhoven/Netherlands

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