2016, object/process

Exploration of a dwelling process

How a kit given to a newcommer can be transformed into a personal space where distinctiveness can appear?

Consisting out of flat packed elements that can be extended with local materials, the personal unit can grow organically within the larger space and change with time adapting to the needs of the owner. The construction of the space is based on wooden poles which are stabilised by bags filled with dry materials which can be poured – the idea behind it is for the concept to adaptable to materials that are local to the given regions.

The kit plays with the contrast between functionality and comfort; the idea of domesticity and comfort is translated into materiality – the kit defines the space through using a symbolic rug that can be used to create spaces and as a base for “growing” furniture on it by filling it with local materials. Personalisation takes place through choreographed proposals.

Project by Anastasia Eggers and Audrey Large

2016, Design Academy Eindhoven

Project at atelier LUMA, Arles, France

Photos: Yen-An Chen

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