2016, event/symposium

Songs of sprouts and purple beets

The project was developed as a result of a collaboration of QUARTETT PLUS 1 and MIT ESSEN SPIELT MAN for the Cultural Office of the City of Hannover, Germany. This format connects music, food and talks and results in a new form of a symposium that addresses sustainability and climate protection in an artistic way. This interactive symposium uses a musical feast as a base to talk about the above-mentioned topics.
In 3 interactive acts, the guests were discovering and experiencing the process of preparing the meal for the feast not only by joining the harvesting and cooking sessions, but also through discussing and co-creating musical compositions based on the sounds of the cooking process.

Speakers of the day: Tim Barsby (Bristol), David Young (Melbourne / Berlin), Davide Brocchi (Bologna/Köln)

Mit Essen spielt man (design and food concept): Lina Meyer, Olga Graf, Anastasia EggersQuartett PLUS 1 ( string quartett): Katharina Pfänder, Lisa Stepf, Kathrina Hülsmann, Kristina van de Sand Photos: Susanne Irmer

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